You know where you’ve been, but where are you going?

The better able you are to answer, “Who am I?” the more successful and energizing your career will be.

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Imagine being able to:

  • Make a conscious decision about your career path

  • Stand out on your terms

  • Be the person you want to be

  • Jettison outdated stories and limitations

Success does not always equal satisfaction.

Many “successful” professionals find their careers in a place not necessarily of their own making. If this sounds familiar, we can help you.

We are Bruce Kasanoff and Amy Blaschka, co-founders of Ikigai Park City and co-authors of the book, “I Am.” Our goal is to transform millions of lives for the better. (Yes, we know this could take a while.)

By joining our Who Am I program, you will move past the “good enough” career for which so many “successful” professionals settle. Such careers provide money but not meaning, and satisfaction but not energy or passion.

You'll join up to nine other professionals on a ten-week journey to professional and personal growth. At the end of this program, you will make a conscious decision about who you want to be in your career, be able to articulate it clearly, and have a specific plan for making that vision a reality.

You'll enjoy these and other benefits:

  • Gain clarity over what you want and how to get it

  • Learn how to communicate your strengths in clear and compelling terms

  • Discover and weaken the fears that may have previously held you back


The details... 

This program takes place over a ten-week period. Every week, you will be part of a one-hour video call; there will be ten calls in all.

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Our co-founders, Amy Blaschka and Bruce Kasanoff, will moderate each call in a such a manner that all participate and all voices are heard.

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Who Am I? — This program has a maximum of 10 professionals work in a group led by our co-founders over a ten-week period. $995

How it works: Each week, we have a one-hour video call. (The first and last calls often go modestly longer than one hour. ) You’ll have an assignment in-between each call.

Our framework: This program is organized around our career development framework, which serves as a powerful mechanism for exploring what you want and how to get it.

Why work in a group? It’s tremendously difficult to change the stories you tell yourself and others. By working in a group, you get far more perspective and support. You’ll get better answers, quicker.

How to apply: Our application is at the bottom of this page. Its sole purpose is to assure you are ready to make a serious investment of time and effort in this process.

Payment of program fee: Since our groups are small, we require that you make your payment within 48 hours of being accepted. Doing so guarantees your spot. We will send you a PayPal invoice along with your acceptance.